Over the past three weeks, the class as a whole has played the games that the other teams have produced. My personal favorite of the other three was “Flashbang”, the grid based tactical shooter that pits a swat team against terrorists for control over a hostage and the objective of arming/disarming a bomb. There were things I would change as far balancing but over all it was an enjoyable play.


131: A Game from Our Peers

131: Looking Forward



Things are finally starting to come together. The initial holes were too small for Dan’s flags, but that was a simple fix. I bought 3 100 card count boxes to use as mini deck holders for each race. Dan decorated the box, and the tiles all printed pretty well. The original hex tile printed works well enough as neutral tile for the board to revolve around. I plan on printing 6 more trapezoids to finish the border. Below is the set of rules I created for the game.

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When printing the updated tiles, I seem to have forgotten to take out the original trapezoid piece that I applied a symmetry modifier on to create the hex pieces. The result was that the 3d printer ended up creating some unexpected tile pieces to go along with the hexes. The results are actually favorable, in the fact that we can use these pieces to give the map a border as well as places for the players to spawn their units now. All in all, this is one mistake I’m actually happy with and I intend to print more half pieces to flesh out the board.

131: Happy Accidents

131: Special Moves

Cleaned up the 3d model of the tiles as well as designed flags for each race. I’m personally red-green color blind, so I wanted each flag to have a distinct shape in addition to color in order to help out anyone suffering the same afflictions as me. Green pointed flags for the aliens, blue square flags for the robots, and red round flags for the humans. Grace also completed our special cards to be used as the resources that the farmers will plant for.


131: Class Warfare

In addition to the three races, we’ve decided on three classes within each race. Military units for combat, farmer units for resource gathering, and scout units for map management. The idea is that each race will lean slightly more to one class or have added bonuses to their desired class. I designed the blue robots, Dan designed the red humans, and Grace designed the green aliens.

131: Lamenting the Gods of Old

Taking influence from Gloom: Cthulu, we decided to have transparent cards be a feature in our game.  Our team member Dan was able to very quickly take paper cut outs and laminate them. Playtests have gone well so far. I plan on doing some 3d work to see how many tiles we will need for the final version, as using the catan pieces works fine for now, but wont be able to let us to test for balance of movement as the game progresses with the limited amount of tiles.

131: Drawing Inspiration

_20171012_153923As the game is getting more and more solidified, I find it interesting how much the original four games of the class have influenced our design choices. One complaint I had about Smallworld was how limited the game felt in terms of replayability due to its four static boards (one for each number of possible players on the map, 2-5). On the otherhand, Catan offered great replayability with its tile based hex map. I really liked this aspect, and since we planned on this being a 3 player game, the six sided tiles worked perfectly for our game. The tiles were even asymmetrically two-sided allowing us to test for the flipping of tiles and revealing terrain.